schedule details Your Hour-by-Hour True Healing Conference Line-Up.

We went for two full days of high-energy learning opportunities and affirmations of True Healing and Health Freedom! Get the full schedule details below for speaker presentations and optional workshop sessions, as they happened on during the Live Conference!

  • 10:00 AM EST


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  •  Tom Cowan, M.D. 10:30-10:40 AM EST
    Tom Cowan, M.D.

    Introduction By Hosts Tom Cowan, M.D. & Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

  •  Andrew Kaufman, M.D. 10:45-11:50 AM EST
    Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

    Dr. Andy's 30-Day Triple Purification Experience

    Dr. Andy’s 30-Day Triple Purification Experience -Dr. Andy will lay out the basic principles of detoxification and the nature of disease. He will describe a comprehensive protocol that he developed and undertook personally to address health of the body, mind, and spirit. He will report on his results.

    LIVE Q&A  - 11:35-11:50 AM EST

  •  David Icke 12:00-1:30 PM EST
    David Icke

    “The Body Has A Cycle - We Have Eternity” with Live Q&A! - Live From UK

    LIVE Q&A 1:00-1:30 PM EST

  •  Kelly Brogan, M.D. 1:35-2:40 PM EST
    Kelly Brogan, M.D.

    Own Your Self: Get Real, Get Well, and Get Free

    LIVE Q&A 2:25-2:40 PM EST

    Dr. Kelly Brogan explores the opportunity at hand to step into self-ownership and the surprising steps required to activate personal power.

  •  Sally Fallon Morell 2:45-4:10 PM EST
    Sally Fallon Morell

    Nourishing Traditional Diets for Protection Against Disease

    LIVE Q&A 3:35-4:10 PM EST

    Sally Fallon Morell outlines the key to vibrant health through healthy diet. She separates fact from fiction in nutritional choices based upon the work of Weston A. Price.

  •  James DeMeo, Ph.D. 4:15-5:20 PM EST
    James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    Cosmic Life Energy, Water and Health-Verifications of W. Reich’s Breakthrough Discovery

    LIVE Q&A 5:05-5:20 PM EST

    Experimental evidence for cosmic ether and a specific life-energy in the early to mid-20th Century brought many breakthrough findings in astronomy, biology, health and healing, nearly all of which were intensively suppressed by the conventional mainstream of science and medicine. Author DeMeo will address those two major discoveries of cosmic ether and life-energy, as verified in his historical and experimental investigations of work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

  •  Josh & Adam Bigelsen 5:25-6:30 PM EST
    Josh & Adam Bigelsen

    Holographic Blood: 40 years of utilizing the Terrain Paradigm: Messages in the Blood

    LIVE Q&A 6:15-6:30 PM EST

    Are you aware that your physical issues could be related to your emotions? Or that your lack of energy could be related to your teeth? Or that your emotional imbalances could be the result of your body being physically out of alignment? All of these are things that Dr. Harvey Bigelsen was able to see by looking into our body’s terrain. Join Adam and Josh Bigelsen for an educational and empowering discussion on the Bigelsen method of Holographic Blood® and how it relates to your health and wellness. If you have questions regarding your health…the answers are in the blood. “Over the course of his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person's total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person's emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that it will be shared with the world.” 

  •  Tom Cowan, M.D. 6:30-6:45 PM EST
    Tom Cowan, M.D.

    Conclusion: Thank You!

    Hosted By Tom Cowan, M.D. & Andrew Kaufman M.D.

  • 10:30-11:00 AM EST


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  •  Tom Cowan, M.D. 11:00-11:10 AM EST
    Tom Cowan, M.D.

    Introduction: By Hosts Tom Cowan, M.D. & Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

  •  Veda Austin 11:15 AM-12:05 PM EST
    Veda Austin

    The Secret Intelligence of Water

    LIVE Q&A 12:05-12:25 PM EST

    Macroscopic Evidence Of Water Responding To Human Consciousness: Veda will discuss hydroglyphs, the visual language of water that she has been working on for many years. They are very much like hieroglyphs except in ice. She has 30 glyphs/images that I’ve identified as having specific meaning and is beginning to literally read ice. Water is a reflection of the many facets of ourselves. It is sacred. If we learn to communicate with it, if it really can speak, imagine what it might say?

  •  John Stuart Reid 12:35-1:40 PM EST
    John Stuart Reid

    The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future

    LIVE Q&A 1:25-1:40 PM EST

    Over 20 years ago, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a painful lower back injury during cymatics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Inspired by this event he has intensively studied the biological mechanisms that activate the body’s healing response, without use of drugs. 

    In his illuminating presentation John Stuart Reid will distill for us some of the important biological mechanisms discovered during his 20 years of research and will share with us his intuitive sense that the Sound of Music will become The Medicine of the Future.

  •  Dolf Zantinge 1:50-2:55 PM EST
    Dolf Zantinge

    The Role And Impact Of Water In Our Biological Systems

    LIVE Q&A 2:40-2:55 PM EST

    Water is an element that plays a role in almost every biological system in our bodies, in animals, and in plants.  But strangely enough we have hardly any knowledge of water itself.  We think that water is just water.  But that idea is totally wrong.  There are many types of water and if water is in a chaotic state due to all kind of outside influences, we will experience a negative effect on our biological systems.  This presentation reveals what effects it can have and how we can solve many of these problems.

  •  Tom Cowan, M.D. 2:55 -4:00 PM EST
    Tom Cowan, M.D.

    The New Biology - "Science" Has Failed Us

    LIVE Q&A 3:45-4:00 PM EST

    Dr. Tom Cowan will present The New Biology and explain why "science" has failed us. The reason for this failure is almost never discussed in any journals, by the media, or within the hallowed halls where this "science" is done. The failure stems from "science's" acceptance of concepts that, upon examination, turn out to be fundamentally inaccurate. While the world is in need of many changes right now, one of the most fundamental is the need for a new science. We need a new understanding of biology, life and, therefore, medicine.

    Tom's hope is that this conference will set the stage for understanding the tenets of this new science of life, a science that is imperative if humans are ever to be free spiritual beings, which is our birthright.

  •  Eileen McKusick 4:05-5:10 PM EST
    Eileen McKusick

    Electric Body, Electric Health

    LIVE Q&A 4:55-5:10 PM EST

    The body's electrical system in its entirety - our biofield - is the most important system we have in our body, but most people don't even know that it exists. We will look at an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the biofield and learn how taking care of our electrical health is easier, more effective, and more fun than taking care of our chemical/mechanical health.

  •  Tom Cowan, M.D. 5:15-5:30 PM EST
    Tom Cowan, M.D.

    Conclusion: Thank You!

    Hosted by Tom Cowan, M.D. & Andrew Kaufman M.D.

  •  Veda Austin 10:00-11:30AM EST
    Veda Austin

    Learning The language of Water

    $120 - 90 Minutes

    The idea that thoughts become things is not new, but imagine projecting a thought into water, freezing it using my CMP technique, and literally seeing that thought crystallized in the ice as an image? Think of a hand, see a hand in the ice. Kind of like sending a message to a telepathic liquid artist. This is the kind of work Veda has been doing for over 8 years, and she will be teaching you how I do it! 

    You don’t have to be a scientist or a doctor, this is easy and fun to learn, even for children. You will learn how informed and uniformed water separate as they freeze, and how to test for waters energetic state of health. She will also discuss water-bonding. Water-bonding unlocks the door to this work in paradigm changing ways and may be the most important thing she teaches. It is how to develop a telepathic bond between the water inside of you and the water outside of you.

  •  Sally Fallon Morell 12:00-1:30PM EST
    Sally Fallon Morell

    The Contagion Myth

    $100 - 90 minutes

    All disease is the result of three causes: malnutrition, toxins, and injury.  Microbes (bacteria, fungus, “viruses”) are often present in disease, but they are not the cause. This workshop will include discussion of malaria, the black death, scurvy and pellagra (once considered contagious), leprosy, rabies, childhood illnesses, anthrax, TB, smallpox, polio, Spanish flu and Covid-19.

  •  Josh & Adam Bigelsen 2:00-3:30PM EST
    Josh & Adam Bigelsen

    Cultivating Your Terrain with the Bigelsen ‘Blood Brothers’

    $99 - 90 minutes

    Are you ready to educate and empower yourself so that you can begin to take charge of your own health and wellness? The path you’ve taken has brought you this far…. Are you ready to hear what your body is trying to tell you? More importantly, are you ready to do something about it? 

    Join Josh and Adam Bigelsen for an interactive session to gain a more practical understanding that the germ is nothing and the terrain is everything. Learn how they have listened to the messages in the blood in order to understand what our bodies truly need. Participate in simple (and fun) activities that you can use as proven ‘tools’ in order to meet your body’s needs.

    After almost 40 years and over 60,000 images of blood in the Bigelsen's database…they’ve learned that health is simple…people are complicated. No rabbit hole here…just the KISS principle of Keeping It Simple and Sustainable.

  •  James DeMeo, Ph.D. 4:00-5:30PM EST
    James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    Construction Of A Simple Orgone Energy Blanket

    $100 - 90 minutes

    James will demonstrate the construction of a simple orgone blanket showing the principles of construction, with an interactive Q&A.

  •  Eileen McKusick Downloadable Workshop
    Eileen McKusick

    Radical Health from an Electrical Perspective

    $60 - 60 minutes 

    The topics will include the electric health, coming to our senses about the importance of deeply listening to the body, taking our health into our own hands, and teaching about the use of the Sonic Slider as well as unweighted forks.

  •  Andrew Kaufman, M.D. 6:00-7:00PM EST
    Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

    Protocols & Remedies For Fall: Colds, Flu, And Acute Reactions

    $0* - 90 minutes
    *FREE when You Purchase Any Livestream Access Ticket or Any Speaker Workshop

    The leaves of the trees are falling. This is the cleansing process of Nature. We have our own cleansing process, and we experience that as colds and flu, and acute reactions. Our bodies are miraculous healing machines designed by nature and the plant essences are the synergy that complement our biological processes. Let’s explore some supportive actions for the fall cleansing processes. Please join me for this workshop.

  •  Manel Ballester-Rodes, M.D. Pre-Recorded
    Manel Ballester-Rodes, M.D.

    The Double Helix Heart: Anatomy, Function and Clinical Implications

    Discovery by Francisco Torrent-Guasp, a Spanish cardiologist, of the double helical cardiac anatomy of the heart and its corresponding function (torsion-untorsion), provides a new understanding of how the cardiac muscle operates. Several implications stem from this finding: EKG interpretation, the heart as a scalar field antenna, and the cardiac field dynamics in prompting pacemaker cells activation and explaining the electrical conduction between the atria and ventricles.

  •  Stefan Lanka, Ph.D. Pre-Recorded
    Stefan Lanka, Ph.D.

    The History of Science and Virology

    Join Dr. Stefan Lanka as he traverses through the History of Science and Virology and presents pertitent points relating to how we got here and explores the pathway and challenges we face in correcting a broken paradigm of Medical Science and Virology.

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