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If you missed out on purchasing anything thus far, not to worry! You have several options to access the True Healing Conference Live Presentation Replays and Full Conference Digital Download Package, they are:

Buy the Livestream Replay + Digital Download Ticket for $150. This will give you access to the Full Conference Livestream Replay (Watch as it happened Live!) and which will remain available until October 31st, 2021. Then, you will get a link for the Full Conference Digital Download Package, which you can download and own to watch again and again.

Buy any Speaker Workshop Ticket. You can then upgrade for only $50, to get access to the Full Conference Digital Download Package.

Buy the Full Conference Digital Download Package after conference at the full retail price. The $50 upgrade will end soon. At that point, your only option will be to purchase the Full Conference Digital Download Package at the full retail price.

All options include the 4 Free Bonus Items.


WATCH FREE! Interactive True Healing Community Q&A Webinar

Guests were invited to a True Healing Community Live Q&A Webinar hosted by Dr. Tom Cowan, where they participated in an invigorating discussion about the ideas presented at the True Healing Conference: The New Biology. This is a wonderful bonus providing an opportunity to go over questions followed the conference!

FREE! Interactive Workshop

Guests were invited to Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s True Healing Conference Workshop, The leaves of the trees are falling. This is the cleansing process of Nature. We have our own cleansing process, and we experience that as colds and flu, and acute reactions. Our bodies are miraculous healing machines designed by nature and the plant essences are the synergy that complement our biological processes. Let’s explore some supportive actions for the fall cleansing processes. A Free Natural Healing Protocol is provided and which accompanies this workshop!

FREE! "Breaking The Spell" By Tom Cowan M.D

Explore the Scientific Evidence for Ending the “COVID” Delusion in Dr. Tom Cowan's latest book; A PDF Download link will be sent to you via E-Mail after the Live Conference.

FREE! PREMIUM ACCESS to True Medicine Library

Enjoy the Covid-19 Myths Replays, True Medicine Live! Webinar Series, Medicamentum Authentica: The Series, and much more! A 2 Month Premium Membership starts immediately.

Digital Download Package Available Now! 2021 True Healing Conference

You will learn about the amazing healing power of water, tuning the human biofield, cymatics, orgone energy, holographic blood diagnosis, bio-photons, and the inherent healing forces of life. Don’t miss out on this incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the complete conference in High Definition (HD 1080p). Buy the Digital Download Package today!