about the conference Don’t miss out on this incredible once in a lifetime event.

A new generation of healers has replaced the allopathic western model of toxic treatments and pharmaceuticals. The vanguard educators of a new paradigm of Healing Arts & Sciences present their valuable work in a language that is accessible but uncompromised, bringing you the real science and not watering it down.

This vital information will give you the knowledge to restore and maintain your health using only nature and your own actions.

The future of health is ours to manifest through nature’s gift of True Healing.



9-10 Oct 2021 - Presentations
10:00 AM EST - Waiting Room Opens
16 Oct 2021 - Workshops


Anywhere! The Conference is 100% Virtual! Available from any Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

virtual attendees
3000 +

hosts Meet Your Hosts

Learn about the healing power of water, the human biofield, cymatics, orgone energy, holographic blood, bio-photons, and the inherent healing forces of life.

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Host, Presentation & Workshop

Tom Cowan, M.D.

Host, Presentation and Q&A Webinar

speakers Your inspirational lineup of Special Guest Speakers

Our goal is to bring a new understanding of healing that is rooted in the natural biology of our bodies. We want to inspire you to learn the power of natural healing through consciousness and knowledge.

David Icke


Sally Fallon Morell

Presentation and Workshop

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Presentation and Workshop

Josh & Adam Bigelsen

Presentation and Workshop

Veda Austin

Presentation and Workshop

John Stuart Reid


Dolf Zantinge


Eileen McKusick

Presentation and Workshop

Stefan Lanka, Ph.D.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

Manel Ballester-Rodes, M.D.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

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You will learn about the amazing healing power of water, tuning the human biofield, cymatics, orgone energy, holographic blood diagnosis, bio-photons, and the inherent healing forces of life. Don’t miss out on this incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the complete conference in High Definition (HD 1080p). Buy the Digital Download Package today!